DGD1 Questionnaire - What Play Style Do You Prefer?

This is a short survey to explore your play style. Please complete the short questions in Part 1, then go through Part 2 and click the checkboxes if you feel the statements given apply to you. If you feel a statement does not apply to you, or you aren't sure, just go onto the next one. When you've finished, click 'See Results' and after a short delay, the survey will tell you something about your play style preferences. A record of the results will be stored, but no personal details.

Part 1: About You

I would consider myself:

Hardcore Gamer
Casual gamer
I have no idea!

Name three games that exemplify what you enjoy about games:

Name one game that exemplifies what you hate about games:

Part 2: About The Way You Play

Click the checkbox if you feel the statement applies to you. (If you don't feel a statement applies, or you aren't sure, move to the next statement).

1. When I first start playing a game, I absolutely want and expect to beat the game.
2. If I get stuck, I don't keep banging away at the puzzle. I go away, think about it, and come back with a new perspective.
3. I generally enjoy messing around with the game - it doesn't really matter if I'm not progressing.
4. The game I'm playing isn't as important as the people I'm playing with.
5. When I'm working on a particular challenge, I'll try it over and over again until I beat it.
6. I want to feel challenged, and I don't mind the game adjusting to my level, as long as it doesn't become too easy.
7. When I face a challenge that feels too hard for me, I quickly lose interest.
8. Once I start looking after a game character, I feel bad if I don't take good care of them.
9. I love it when I beat a really tough challenge - that makes everything worthwhile.
10. I like games with many different elements, so I can make diverse plans and strategies. I sometimes enjoy a game I lose if I feel I put up a good fight.
11. Sometimes I get swept up in the experience of the game and completely forget about the goals I've been given.
12. I'd much rather play with other people than play alone.
13. Most of the time I won't stop playing until I know I've seen and beaten everything.
14. The way I play is more important than winning, because I want to master the games I play.
15. I usually have more than one game on the go... I don't need to finish one game to start another - a new experience is more rewarding than mastering something familiar.
16. I prefer a small game world with lots of characters to interact with, rather than a vast world to explore.

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